WORKPEDA is transforming learning

The Work-integrated Pedagogy in Higher Education project (WORKPEDA) brings the working-life perspective more strongly into education.

Research findings indicate that cooperation between education and the world of work can improve graduates’ employment and speed up their transition to working life. In their work practice periods, students also learn versatile skills, their understanding gains depth and professional identity becomes clearer.

Traditionally in higher education, workplace experience has often been offered at the end of the studies only and in the form of work practice periods separate from other tuition. The WORKPEDA project develops operational models where higher education institutes together with the workplace create learning environments in order to integrate theory and practice. Practical periods, project studies, graduation theses, and various workplace contexts are connected with theoretical teaching.

Although working –life skills are learnt best at work, these skills can also be developed within educational institutes by means of diverse teaching and learning methods. Therefore, the WORKPEDA project seeks to develop not only workplace learning but also teaching on campus.

WORKPEDA creates operational models for the development of students’ working-life skills, for curricular reforms, for work-integrated pedagogy and guidance as well as for the linkage between research, development and innovation (RDI) activities and education. The project is founded on research knowledge about the cooperation between education and the world of work and about learning at the workplace.

Further, the project is based on the model of integrative pedagogy, in which working-life experience is reflected on in the light of theoretical knowledge. Taking an educational approach to work experience serves this purpose. The aim is to produce expertise that combines in-depth understanding, active agency, and versatile skills.

Modules and themes of the project

Modules and themes of the project

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Contact information:

Päivi Tynjälä
Project manager
paivi.a.tynjala (at)

Jouni Helin
Project coordinator
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